Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Marvels of Maui

My last post laid out the beauty of a city that reflects the creativity and influence that God has given to mankind. Vacation #2: the "magical" island of Maui. As we decended on the Hawaii, the sun was beginning to set and our captain took the scenic route around a few of the islands before landing. We had the privelage of getting an areil view of the bright green islands scattered delicately upon the the glassy blue Pacific. A soft bank of clouds hugged the shoreline soaked in soft pastels from the setting sun.

That was just the start, slide one, of the masterpieces that God had in store for us. The next morning, thanks to the time change, we all woke up before the sun and we watched the island come to life as the sun awoke to warm the beaches.

Maui sunrise

We spent a lot of time snorkling--exploring the world that God has created that man hardly ever gets to see. The thing that stuck out most to me? Color! The Hawaiin ocean is filled with fish and coral of so many different colors. The most memorable snorkling event, I must say, was swimming in a cove with four huge sea turtles. We got so close that Blake actually got to touch one! Seeing this environment that is so different from our own reminded me of how big and creative God is. And how little I understand of how big and creative he really is.

My favorite part of the trip was probably at the end of the Road to Hana. Rather than looking at the Seven Sacred Pools, like most of the other tourists were doing, we decided to take the hike up to Waimoku Falls. The hike took us to gorgeous views of lush valleys and streams and through the depths of a bamboo forest. The bamboo was my favorite part of the hike. The stalks were so high that we were shaded from the harsh sun and were tempted to think night was approaching. When the island breeze rushed by, the bamboo clanked together to compose a soft, almost ominous serenade.
We emerged from the forest and found ourselves at the bottom of a 400 ft waterfall. It's size was enough to take your breath away. And yet, the cascade appeared soft and peaceful.
Waimoku Falls

This trip was a wonderful reminder of the kindness of our Creator. He creates animals, waterfalls, flowers--moments--that delight both himself and his children. My best friend just travelled throughout all of Europe on a 10 week study abroad trip this summer. She told me about a conversation she had with a friend she made there. They were in London, a place they had both visited before, and she recognized that she was much less enthusiastic about the sites the second time around. She contrasted that experience to visiting places like Yosemite. She recognized that places of natural beauty never get old; there will always be new flowers blooming, new animals to discover, and a waterfall will always be a reminder of God's beauty and power.
I'll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.

Hike to snorkel destination
Fallen flowers
Blow hole
Last night- dinner in Lahaina.
Cant wait for our Honeymoon to Hawaii in June!


Beauty in a Barn and a Blanket of Snow

Beauty in a Barn and a Blanket of Snow