Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hello Summer!

First night back at home. All moved out of beloved Li apartments (oh, how I will miss it there!) Not completely unpacked, but at least everything's out of the cars!

My brain is totally fried from a crazy week, but I just thought I'd let the world know that I plan on blogging more now that it's summer. Some of my other plans for the summer?

Helping Blake find a new job! (he has a skills test for a Biola job on Wed, so you can be praying for that!)
Interning with San Clemente Pregnancy Resource Center
Reading Jane Austen
Learning some basic "wife"/independence skills
Planning the wedding (which will be next June!)

That's all for now... :-)


Lizzie said...

Oh... how we will miss Li! But at least I still have my roomie! :)

Beauty in a Barn and a Blanket of Snow

Beauty in a Barn and a Blanket of Snow