Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer's Possibilities

ooh the possibilities of empty summer days. Of hours in an empty house before the busyness and responsibilities set in. I have a stack of books I want to read on one side of my room, and a stack of unpacked boxes on the other. In the middle is my bed--and I'm still pretty tired from that hard semester. Downstairs is the computer full of facts and updates from already-missed friends and outside is a beautiful trail waiting for my feet to begin their daily trek. A dangerous array of good food inhabits the kitchen and a TV with a full DVR list awaits to be discovered. The Wii is lonely, it hasn't been touched since January, but I have yet to enjoy that new recliner chair in my living room. Paychecks need to be deposited but the beach needs to be enjoyed. Graduation presents to buy, coffee dates with friends to be scheduled. Sleep, read, veg, run, be productive--be still. To quote my wise friend, Lizzie, "Decisions, Decisions..."

I'm excited, but a little overwhelmed, by the possibilities this summer day holds. oh no! it's already past noon!


Lizzie said...

Hmmm... what a wise friend you have. ;) Speaking of which, I think that wise friend of yours should follow your wise example... and wash her car tomorrow morning.

Lisa said...

Wow, I'm honored just to be considered the best friend of such a wise person. But hey Turell, I'll switch you... right now my options are: stare at a blank computer, or read another book, or stare off into space, or play a game of seeing how long you can go without looking at the clock. Haha. Well I'm at least thankful that I can read your blog while I'm here at work. I hope you're enjoying your "lazy" summer days.

Beauty in a Barn and a Blanket of Snow

Beauty in a Barn and a Blanket of Snow