Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writing for Chained Hands

A few weeks ago, my school hosted a week focused on social justice and human trafficking. Each day, special chapels and events were held to raise awareness and compassion for modern day slavery. The week commenced with an ex-prostitute who now ministers to prostitutes on skid row. I had no idea that prostitution was still so rampant in Los Angeles and I was in shock at the brokenness and violence that takes place less than thirty miles away from our campus.

As I wandered in the midst of the crowd exiting the gym, my mind was flooded with questions. But something stopped my thoughts instantly. Along the walkway outside the science building, my fellow students were chained to each other with masking tape covering their mouths. From their captive wrists hung cardboard signs that bore sobering statistics such as, “Over 2 million people are enslaved today” and pointed out the reality that people just like us are “For sale: $70” even within the U.S. These two realities—prostitution and modern day slavery—overwhelmed me.

I found a quiet place to sit and pray and cry. After nearly an hour, I made a resolve. The painful reality didn’t go away and I still had a lot of questions, but I decided to use my God-given talents any way I could to help people out of chains—whether that be the chains of prostitution or the literal chains of slavery. I have decided to write the pleas of those whose hands are chained and to be the voice of those whose lips that are taped shut.

Beleive it or not, our world--our country--desperately needs a modern abolitionist movement. Please join me in doing everything you can...because God's children were never mean to be bought and sold or to be in chains.
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Beauty in a Barn and a Blanket of Snow

Beauty in a Barn and a Blanket of Snow